Hi, I'm Collin

As a software developer, I strive for elegance and efficiency in everything that I do. I am proficient in C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Node.js with Express, MongoDB, SQL, and in any other language or framework I may learn along the way. Software development is a journey of lifelong learning for me.

I recently completed a 12-week intensive program at General Assembly Denver, the Software Engineering Immersive, with an emphasis in Node.js with Express, MongoDB, and Java.

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My Work

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As a technical advisor for Emphasis AI, I had the privilege of working in a team of three to build a database for the emphasis.ai project, a language processing system built on the latest neuroscience theory that analyzes text based on how engaging it is to the human brain.

Try it our for yourself - you can create an account and add entries to the database.

The server has bots built in that scrape content from the internet.

My final projects at General Assembly were focused on this group and private chat app. The app is built with a decoupled API and frontend, so that a client can easily be built for it on any platform. The frontend for the web version linked to here uses React, while the mobile app uses React Native. Amusingly, I also was able to build a client for legacy systems using Visual Basic 6.

This is a blog and content sharing website with an emphasis on compatibility. The site is built using Node.js with Express and MongoDB, and uses two distinct frontends: one built with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and intended for use with modern browsers, and the other built with old school HTML for use with legacy browsers that would not otherwise be able to do anything useful on the Internet. (the site is at a temporary URL for now)

Featured project

The below demonstration is of a simple 2D platformer game engine that I made using HTML Canvas and JavaScript. Check out the source code here. If you look through it you can see that everything is done in the classes, and the entire main code consists of only three lines. This is part of what makes it very well structured and easy to scale.